KitechKites – Kitesurfing, Kitelandboarding, Snowkiting, Kitebuggying

Kitech – on every surface – water, snow or land!

Kitech universal kites


User Friendly and Versatile

Until now, power kiting sports such as kitesurfing, lanboarding, kitebuggying required different equipment based on the surface you were on….  Today, Kitech closed-cell depowerable kites provide a one-kite universal solution for all activities!

Winter, summer, spring or fall – water, grass, snow or ice… no matter the season or the surface, Kitech kites can be enjoyed everywhere by everyone.  Kitech offers you the experience of real freedom anytime, anywhere.  No more missed sessions!

Simple Handling

Kitech kites come in a small, lightweight package and require no pump!  The simple stowing techniques ensure that no messy lines need to be untwisted or attached.  Just unroll the bar and self-launch with or without the need for a helper!  Quick and easy is the key!

The Kitech advantage is:

  • A very wide wind range
  • One of the easiest kites to relaunch
  • Extremely high jumps with long hang time and soft landings
  • Excellent upwind characteristics
  • A very secure safety system

  Kitech Controlbar  2 chickenloop

More Power in Light Winds

Kitech’s next-generation wing profile offers radically increased power in light winds.  You can ride when others can only watch you from the beach and wish they had a Kitech.

Best in Class Quality

Kitech products contain only material made with the highest quality standards.  Our design integrates many techniques and materials from paragliding, sailing, and other sports to make a highly durable and reliable product.

The design technology and materials used will guarantee a long life for your kite. No more missed sessions because of a leaking bladder or a puncture: with soft kites punctures and small tears can be fixed with tape in a matter of minutes and off you go again.

Limited Warranty

We believe in the durability of our product and thus provide a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects for the original owner of each kite.